Click thru price


The Click thru price, whilst fundamentally determined by the

advertiser, CAN be influenced by the content of your website:

if you can modify your site so that it includes more content

related to higher value keywords, you are more likely to get

higher value click thru prices.

For example, if you run a site about Bird Watching you may

get ads posted about Bird Watching books. But why not

extend the site to include content about the best binoculars

for bird watchers?

Dedicate a page to this topic and you could find higher

value ads running on that page because binoculars sell for

more than books and businesses advertising binoculars may be

willing to pay more for keywords relating to them.

You could also run some pages about travel and hotels in

exotic locations where rich bird watchers like to take their


It's all content relevant to your site but it is likely to

increase your AdSense revenues too.


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